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International Organizations and
Security Sector Solutions Unit

Asseco is recognized as producer and provider of the high­est quality software. Our primary competitive advantage is delivering proprietary IT system.

Our IT projects implemented for the Ministry of National Defense, the Land Forces Command and the Border Guards are tangible evidence of our competence which place us among and trustworthy partners within the scope of delivering solutions which fulfill the requirements of national security norms and standards. For 4 years, we have been conducting scientific projects the results of which are innovative technological and systematical concepts and solution prototypes worked out with the use of NAF (NATO Architecture Framework) including implementation of the tactic hub gathering information about the position of own armed forces, SOA integrative platform, and semantic imaging service.

Our solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Ground Control Station

Ground Control Station software offers expanded user interface with support for platform and payload control and integrated mission post-processing unit. Modular architecture enables for multi protocols and platforms management.

Simulation Environment

The Asseco Poland Simulation Environment offers high level solution dedicated for flight crew and UAS operators training. Simulations can be executed based on HITL or SITL architecture using real UAV control systems and avionics.


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Our Office

Asseco Poland S.A. / Branickiego 13 Street, 02-972 Warsaw / phone: +48 22 574 82 00 / fax: +48 22 574 82 82 / [email protected] / www.asseco.pl

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