UAV Simulation Environment
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UAV Simulation Environment

the advanced training solution

Simulation Environment

Simulation Environment consists of three main modules: simulation engine, GCS software, real hardware avionic systems/ software embedded control laws. All the components are connected together into single environment. Use of real GCS and UAV flight control systems enables for very accurate and “as real as possible” mission execution training. The simulation engine can generate very accurate flight data including: pressures, angular velocities, angles, temperatures, systems malfunctions. Based on this data, the operator training includes additional emergency procedures.


Simulation Environment can generate all possible real weather conditions, day times, airports and mission execution areas including buildings, cars, trains and wild animals. The SE contains not only the flight model, but also can generate real payload view which can be controlled easily by UAS operator in the same way as in the real flight conditions. Extended instructors panel enables for any mission scenario configuration also with multi-operator option, where many UAS pilots can train different scenarios in the same time.

Core features

Mission execution training

Weather conditions simulation

Real airfield and airport implementation

Emergency procedures training

Multi-platform sessions

Full GCS functionalities coverage

Customized platform implementation

Takeoff and recovery simulation

Mission simulator

Integrated UAV aircraft simulation environment is a suitable solution for unmanned aircraft operators flight training procedures. The system provides the user with basic flight training in simulated conditions with no need to worry about platform crash or bad weather conditions. The proposed simulation environment consists of three separate parts :

  • GCS – Ground Control Station software
  • Accurate flight simulation and weather engine
  • Autopilot or software embedded flight controller

According to customer wish, the simulation environment can be equipped with a real-life autopilot (hardware) or basic flight control structure which can be implemented as software solution. Simulation capabilities strictly depend on Asseco GCS software which is normally used for real-life flight operations. The described system architecture ensures the highest level of integrity with real-life flight procedures.

Custom platform implementation

The simulation engine has a possibility of customer-defined platform implementation.

The airframe model can be implemented based on real-life platform airfoil, geometric and aerodynamic parameters. As additional academic feature, it is possible to tune PID control parameters for a real platform which is under development, where inertial control parameters are needed for safe first flight procedures. The tuning can be performed form GCS, where the platform response can be easily plotted and processed.

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