Micro Class UAV Systems MayFly For The Polish Army

Asseco Poland and the Armament Inspectorate have signed a contract for the delivery of micro-class unmanned aerial vehicles for the Polish Armed Forces. Drones will be used for day / night observation during military operations. Proprietary hardware and software will be produced in Poland.

Under the signed agreement, Asseco will deliver 24 drones intended for observation in various environments. They will be equipped with sensors working in both visible and thermal spectrum. The system delivered to the Ministry of National Defense has, among others, the possibility of fusing reconnaissance data obtained from both sensors.

Asseco is a proven partner for the defense sector. This is another time when we will provide specialized equipment for various types of military operations. The unmanned system created by us is a project of young Polish engineers and will be entirely manufactured in Poland, which I am particularly proud of. It is a very versatile solution that can be used both by uniformed services: the army, the police, fire brigades, and in civilian applications, e.g. in agriculture, said Zdzisław Wiater, Director of the International Organizations and Security Sector Solutions Division, Asseco Poland.

Each of the 6 sets delivered by Asseco will consist of 4 unmanned aerial vehicles, command and control stations with data terminals. The equipment is expected to increase the situational awareness of the battlefield with minimal involvement of ground personnel – it will be operated by one soldier.