Operator’s Mission Support System is a dedicated set of ground equipment components supporting both carrying of all UAV system components and mission execution. The backpack is equipped with ground data terminal with foldable antennas, power distribution unit and data harness. For transportation purposes, the backpack provides the storage for one platform with field repair kit, handheld controller and 10 inch tablet. The OMSS is equipped with chest rig designed based on MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-bearing Equipment) system and holds the tablet during mission execution. The proposed solution simplifies the system operation and allows the user to perform additional tactical tasks.

GCS All-In-One Solution

High mobility

Built-in antenas

Power management system

Rugged tablet

Core OMSS component is represented by 10 inch tablet. This unit runs the AGCS software and is used for mission planning, mission execution and post-flight activities. Its rugged enclosure ensures reliable operation in harsh environment. The ultra-bright touch display allows for direct sun operations and is also prepared for night-vision operations with support of integrated NVIS filter.

Tactical chestrig

The MOLLE compatible chest rig maximizes the usability of Mayfly UAV system. Within short time, both tablet and handheld controller can be mounted on operator chest without the need of removal of standard tactical equipment.


OMSS backpack stores and integrates all Mayfly system components. The internal data and power harness interconnects all main ground control components. The main power source for the complete Mayfly system is the enclosed 6750 mAh battery. A single type battery powers Mayfly platform and GCS components.

Handheld Controller

Mayfly system can be operated in semi-automatic modes with the use of handheld controller. Provided solution allows for flight mode changes and direct sensors and platform control. Fully sealed connection with OMSS data harness ensures resistance to extreme weather conditions.

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