MayFly EVP

The MayFly EVP is a mini class vertical take-off and landing system dedicated for uniformed services and agriculture purposes.  The platform is equipped with foldable arms and exchangeable battery unit.

Flight endurance: 45 min

Thermal, RGB and multispectral sensors

MTOW 7 kg

Foldable arms

Encrypted data transmission

Fully automatic operations

Physical parameters

Length 650 mm (25in)
Width 540 mm (21in)
Height 370 mm (15in)
Weight 7 kg (lbs)


Flight parameters

Endurance 45+ minutes
Operational ceiling 200 meters (600 ft) AGL
2100 meters (6300 ft) ASL
Range 8000 meters (4 mi) in open areas,
300 meters (0.2 mi) in urbanized areas
Maxium flight speed 10 m/s (20 kt)
Maximum wind 8 m/s (15kt)
Working temperatures -20 to +40oC


On-board systems

Fully integrated system is recognized by:

  • Mission planning
  • Autonomous and manual missions
  • In flight mission editing
  • Emergency procedures execution
  • Automatic takeoff and landing
  • Self diagnostic tools

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