Handheld Controller

Asseco Handheld Controller is designed to support AGCS software family in manual control over the platform and its payload. The ergonomic design of the enclosure and IP67 rating ensures the highest reliability during the mission execution.


IP67 sealed enclosure

Integrated shock warning subsystem

Custom communication interface

Self diagnostic algorythm

Physical parameters

Height 128 mm (5 in)
Length 193 mm ( 8in)
Width 75 mm (3in)
Weight 350 g (11 oz)


Core Control Components

Asseco Handheld Controller controls can be assigned by the operator with the use of dedicated AGCS widget.

Assignable Peripherals:

  • two linear proportional sliders
  • two push buttons
  • two 4 axis proportional joysticks
  • 4 way hat-switch