Cobra is designed for airborne surveillance with the use of day and night sensors mounted in stabilized gimbal. High volume Cobra fuselage structure allows for installation of additional sensors dedicated for photogrammetry imaging including DSLR/SAR/LIDAR type payload. Cobra is equipped with electric pusher engine with high efficient carbon fiber propeller.  The airframe can be disassembled into 3 separate parts: fuselage, left and right wing.  Cobra UAV is designed as multiple takeoff type platform that can be launched into a mission with the use of winch, launcher, classic landing gear or a trolley.


Flight Endurance 6 h

Hybrid Propulsion Unit

MTOW 22 kg

Fully Automatic operations

Standard Payload: high resolution static image camera/multispectral camera

Physical parameters

Wing span 3500 mm (138 in)
Length 1200 mm (47 in)
Height 450 mm (18in)
MTOW 22 kg (48lbs)


Flight parameters

Flight Endurance 6 h
Operational ceiling 500 meters (1500 ft) AGL
2100 meters (6300 ft) ASL
Maximum flight speed 120 km/h (64kt)


On-board systems

Fully integrated system is recognized by:

  • Autonomous and manual missions
  • In flight mission editing
  • Mission planning,
  • Emergency procedures execution
  • Automatic takeoff and landing
  • Self diagnostic tools

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