Ground Control Station
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Ground Control Station

flexibility, modularity, user friendly

Ground Control Station software

The Ground Control Station software is mainly designed for the use with multiple types of flight control modules fixed on a wide range of UAV platforms. The GCS uses Mavlink and STANAG 4586 type messages to cover the flow of all the important procedures and parameter between airborne aircraft and ground control segment. According to GCS modular architecture, there is a separate communication module already implemented.

This module is responsible for GCS-UAV communication. Depending on user preferences and autopilot type, the module can be modified easily for any requested communication standard. With this advantage, the end-user receives the GCS software with dedicated communications protocols support which can be updated within a short period of time. Payload capabilities like multisensor observation gimbal control or other dedicated equipment service is also implemented in the same application. Considering this advantage, no additional specialized software is needed for payload management.

Core features

  • Real-time full platform control
  • Up to 3 pieces of UAV platforms at one time
  • UAV Platform Connection Wizard
  • Mission recorder and Mission player
  • HUD and artificial horizon fully configurable display
  • Real-time telemetry data visualisation

Mission planning

  • EditOnly (editor) & ViewOnly (onBoard) Modes
  • Waypoints multi action assignment
  • Mission plans can be saved/loaded/edited
  • User friendly operations on waypoints (adding, editing, moving, swaping etc.)
  • Photogrammetric mission planning tools

Application features

  • Based on Open Window Architecture (OWA)
  • User defined GUI layout
  • Multi-screen display support
  • Database backup

Payload features

  • Multi payload system control
  • Video streaming or picture support
  • Geotagging
  • Scene, static or moving object „auto tracking”

Simulation module

  • HIl/SIL (real autopilot and GCS) simulation support
  • Mission training on real UAV and GCS
  • Mission environment and weather condition editor

Map tool features

  • Map editor (adding layers, drawing on map)
  • Support for WMS, WFS, ESRI REST, SHaPefiles and other map formats
  • 2D/3D view modes

OWA architecture – User defined GUI layout

Asseco GCS software is produced based on OWA – Open Window Architecture.

This solution enables the user to have any comfortable and preferred application window layout setting. All mentioned modules and widgets can be switched on/off according to the operator wish. Each GCS operator can save his own GUI layout. All widget and modules settings are saved with reference to logged-in user. The ground control station software contains predefined application layouts which can be easily modified and saved. GCS software can be used on different hardware platforms with the most commonly used operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac. Considering this advantage, the user during a GCS cold start can chose any widgets and modules to be displayed on any preferred application area.

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